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Beijing Pacific law firm is enhanced by Beijing municipal judicial bureau registration of a partnership law firm, is focused on the capital market, building engineering, and international business three business law firm.

The Pacific Ocean which has members of graduation from renmin university of China, tsinghua university, the foreign economic and trade university, Shanghai university of finance and economics, New York university, the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign, France angstrom hicks - university of Massachusetts, the Russian people's friendship university and other famous university.

The Pacific Ocean which showed by the China people's university and tsinghua university renowned scholars, professors play guidance, the partner to people's university and tsinghua university graduation doctor, master as the main body and with National People's Congress, tsinghua university alumni to a wide range of contact and lawyer agency, the senior lawyer life in 15 years, has the rich professional experience and profound theoretical attainments.

The lawyer has demonstrated to engage in securities lawyer business qualifications, hold the ministry of finance, justice of the property of state-owned assets define business qualification, the state planning commission, ministry of justice national basic construction of large and medium-sized project tendering and bidding business qualification, environmental legal business qualification, patent agent qualification, Shanghai stock exchange listed company independent director qualification, the United States the qualification as a lawyer, the United States the qualification of CPA.

The Pacific Ocean which has long been engaged in the listed company shares, the company acquisitions, asset restructuring, transformation of the stock companies such as business, the most lawyers received financial and accounting aspects of systematic training, and a lawyer admitted to the qualification of CPA, the United States the qualification of CPA. This have to be able to provide a listed company's independent director recommendations.

Pacific enhanced city real estate law, urban infrastructure construction, real estate project financing, project bidding, construction contracts, cost management, project quality risk control, and other services of high performers. The Pacific Ocean which has pay attention to environment and mineral resources law research, especially for mineral enterprise's acquisition, reorganization, financing of due diligence, mineral right flaw identification, risk control has accumulated rich experience and performance.

The Pacific Ocean is enhanced by the United States, France, Russia famous university got a master's degree in international business department staff, capable of using English, French, Russian three language as the country of investment in China provide first-class professional legal and translation services.

The Pacific Ocean which enhanced by a patent agent qualification of the formation of the intellectual property department for the customer can provide patent, trademark, copyright, computer software protection legal services.

The lawyer demonstrated has very rich plea experience and performance, ten years have been the Supreme Court, Beijing high court, tianjin Supreme Court, liaoning Supreme Court, shandong Supreme Court, hainan Supreme Court, hebei Supreme Court and the intermediate people's court case agent more than pieces, especially in major hard case for the accumulated rich experience, the agent of many cases as a case is written into the supreme people's court publishes "civil trial guidance and reference" and as a university law school teaching cases.

The Pacific Ocean which has looking forward to with our quality and efficient legal service, win your respect and trust.

The Pacific Ocean which has the training is: professional, concentrate, focused, grinds only.